Summer 2017

Being around the people you care about will make you really happy. I’m in a some what good spot right now with friends. I’ve lost quite a few friends throughout this year. Maybe even one that’s in the picture above. I feel like everything happens for a reason. Or maybe, it’s just your fault that you’re losing friends.

There comes a time were you realize who your real friends are. It might now be now and it might not be until for finish high school or college. It takes a while to see who sticks with you through everything, even the rough patches in your life. People will surprise you. I didn’t think I’d lose someone that was in the picture here. We were getting close. Things happen, it’s no ones fault. I mean, I can blame that person for what they did, but i’d just rather forget about it and move on. It’s just so stupid how people lose friends. It can be over something so stupid.

I thought my summer was going to be fun with all the people I thought would stick by my side through it all. I already lost two friends this summer. Its rough, but you just got to move on. I really don’t know how i’m doing it. It hurts so much losing them. They made me happy. One more than the other. Summer was supposed to be how we were all going to get close. I really wanted to be with them throughout their senior year. I wanted to go on late night food runs with them and daily adventures. I wasn’t expecting to hang out with only three other people this summer and just staying at home all day, besides when I have to go out. How’s your summer going?


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