I haven’t seen you in a while and today was the first time in months that I’ve seen you in person. I was at cheer practice and you walked through the door with some other football players. I didn’t know if it was you or not. Its been so long. All I was thinking about was, “He’s doing football? What the fuck.” I couldn’t really process it through my brain quick enough. I was just really shocked. It threw me off my game. I kept staring and gazing at you like you’re worth something. By the way you’re not. It just felt so weird seeing you for the first time again.

It just sucks that you didn’t even glance over or anything. I mean, why would you. We don’t even speak to each other.

You’ve impacted my life in a good and bad way. Mostly bad, but I learned from my mistakes. I still love you. We went through hell together and some how kinda made it out okay. But more shit happened and look at us. We hate each other. I’m not surprised though. You made me really really happy when we were together. But we both suffered in the relationship. It sucked. We couldn’t work as a couple at all. We just had different standards that we tried to force upon another.

I’ll never forget the day that you first said I love you to me. Its almost been two years since we got together. September 15, 2015. Time flies when you’re hurt. I’m glad that we’ll never be together ever again. But thanks for the very few times that we actually had fun together. I cant believe its already been 9 months since we called it quits. I’m so relieved that i’ll never go through that pain again.


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